Ahmet Mutlu
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (Sophmore)
Address: Lima, Ohio
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Rejection
Portrayer: Zayn Malik
 Ahmet Mutlu is a recurring character on the fanfiction Glee: The Next Direction. Ahmet was created by GleeKurt.


Ahmet was born in USA but his parents are Turkish. He realized he is gay while he was 12 but his Muslim parents aren't that open minded to accept a gay child so he hides it from them. He only revealed his secret to a few of his friends. And had some boyfriends which he secretly meets. Because of his "secret relations" there are so many gossips in the school.

Season OneEdit


Ahmet auditions for the New Directions. However, he doesn't get in, and vowes revenge on the club.


Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One



Solos with

Treasure Rejection Cody and Diana