Glee: The Next Direction, Volume Two
Episode: Idols to Lesbi-honest

Glee: The Next Direction Volume Two is an album from the fanfiction, Glee: The Next Direction. The album contains songs from Idols to Lesbi-honest, episodes eight to fourteen of Season One. The album excludes songs from A Christmas Carol, the tenth episode, as they are on a different album.


1. Bad (Robbie Amell and Tyler Posey)
2. Love Story (Candice Accola and Madison Pettis)
3. The Climb (Tyler Posey, Robbie Amell, Candice Accola, Maddison Pettis, Colton Haynes and Lincoln Lewis)
4. Like a Virgin (Melissa Benoist and Jacob Artist)
5. C'mon (Colton Haynes, Madison Pettis and Candice Accola)
6. Acapella (Lauren Jauregui, Candice Accola, Dana Davis and Madison Pettis)
7. Party in the USA (Lauren Jauregui, Colton Haynes, Tyler Posey and Dana Davis)
8. Good Life (Melissa Benosit)
9. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Robbie Amell and Candice Accola)
10. Low (Colton Haynes, Ariana Grande and
11. Borrow My Heart (Carter Jenkins)
12. Neon Lights (Robbie Amell, Candice Accola, Lauren Jauregui, Colton Haynes, Carter Jenkins and Dana Davis)



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