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  • Nonametothinkof

    You can't wait for season two? Neither can we!

    As Robert and I take a break, we'll give YOU a chance to create characters and give out possible storylines for season two! You can submit multiple entries, and hey, if they're good enough, maybe they'll end up in official episodes! 

    Well, it's pretty simple. Just follow this format:

    1. Name

    2. Celebrity Portrayer

    3. Background story/History/Biography

    4. Personality

    5. Sexuality

    6. Age/Year

    7. Strengths

    8. Weaknesses

    9. Idols

    10. Audition Song***

    11. Their role 

    Remember, you can submit as many as you want! And this is not limited to glee club characters only. You can make teachers, other students, and rival schools! You can post your audition on the comment section below!

    Here's a little guide on the storyl…

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  • Nonametothinkof

    Thank You!

    April 16, 2014 by Nonametothinkof

    ***This blog won't be fancy or anything because I don't know how to code as marvelous as a lot of you guys can. So YAY for black Helvetica text!***

    So, it's been ONE season of ups and downs for our beloved characters. Robert and I can't believe it, but we're at the finale! How cool is that? :D

    Anyway, in behalf of the amazing Robert, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has given their support for this fanfiction! Without you guys, this wouldn't even be here. From the fanfiction auditions back in Glee Wiki to the creation of this wiki and etcetera.

    It's amazing how far this has gone. I was pleasantly surprised when I kept seeing new episodes being posted every now and then (considering that Robert had cancelled his last fanfiction Glee: …

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