You can't wait for season two? Neither can we!

As Robert and I take a break, we'll give YOU a chance to create characters and give out possible storylines for season two! You can submit multiple entries, and hey, if they're good enough, maybe they'll end up in official episodes! 

How do I audition a new character?

Well, it's pretty simple. Just follow this format:

1. Name

2. Celebrity Portrayer

3. Background story/History/Biography

4. Personality

5. Sexuality

6. Age/Year

7. Strengths

8. Weaknesses

9. Idols

10. Audition Song***

11. Their role 

Remember, you can submit as many as you want! And this is not limited to glee club characters only. You can make teachers, other students, and rival schools! You can post your audition on the comment section below!

How do I submit a storyline?

Here's a little guide on the storyline. :)

1. Title of the storyline  [OPTIONAL]

2. Characters involved [if your storyline is involved with a character you're auditioning, please post this as a REPLY to your audition]

3. Storyline [it doesn't have to be one whole episode; you can just point out the details and other important events] 

Submit as many as you want! But remember, if your storyline is connected to a character you're auditioning, please post it as a REPLY to the audition.

Need more help?

If you need more help, feel free to drop a message at my message wall or at Robert's or on the comment section below and we'll get to you as soon as we can. 

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