***This blog won't be fancy or anything because I don't know how to code as marvelous as a lot of you guys can. So YAY for black Helvetica text!***

So, it's been ONE season of ups and downs for our beloved characters. Robert and I can't believe it, but we're at the finale! How cool is that? :D

Anyway, in behalf of the amazing Robert, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has given their support for this fanfiction! Without you guys, this wouldn't even be here. From the fanfiction auditions back in Glee Wiki to the creation of this wiki and etcetera.

It's amazing how far this has gone. I was pleasantly surprised when I kept seeing new episodes being posted every now and then (considering that Robert had cancelled his last fanfiction Glee: The New Direction. If you guys wanna check it out, click here ). I was even more surprised when he asked me to assist him in the graphics for this fanfiction again (considering that I did a horrible job  and I think I still do compared to Trae's amazing work), and even more when he asked me to assist with Monica's storyline (I'm so sorry for treating her too harsh though. Robert wanted it dramatic and climactic :p).

Now, as the season closes, again in behalf of Robert, I'd like to thank everyone who read and contributed to this fanfiction. You guys will never be forgotten and will always be properly credited.

I don't know if there will be a second season for this (but I hope there will be)considering that Rob is the one who will make that decision, but if ever there will be, I hope that you guys are still around to support him.

So if you guys really want some next season spoilers, you guys better consult Robert with all your rainbows and fairy sparkle. :D

And by the way, if you guys are still willing to help Robert update pages please click here to join us. :3

To conclude this blog which you guys may never read anyway, thank you so much, and I hope you enjoyed this journey as much as Rob and I did!

~With love, unicorns, and rainbow powers~

TAMI <:)

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